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*** Sold – $2000 ***
Congratulations Sarah W. Surprise, NY!

Comanche Songbird has been sold to New York and will be a riding mare and eventual lesson horse for her new owner. We wish Sarah W of Surprise, NY the best!

Singing Like Sinatra

Sinatrafied x Comanche Songbird

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***Sold – $4000 ***

Congratulations to Proper Appaloosas, Churchville, MD on your purchase!


Jet was foaled 3/1/15 and is 2 weeks old in his photos. He was sired by the Aquedan Select AQHA World Champion 3 year old Stallion, Sinatrafied standing 16.2 hands. Jet’s dam, Comanche Songbird stands 15.3 and we expect that Jet will stand about 15.3 to 16 hands.Jet is a very active foal who is curious and loves to interact with people, but it still has to be his idea at this point. Even when we are in the barn or out in the pasture he whinnies and comes over to the fence or stall door to see what is going. We know that once he figures out that good food, treats, and lots of scratches and lovin’ is more fun than running around in circles, that he will make a great show prospect, stallion prospect, and even a good riding horse. Both Jet’s sire and dam have great dispositions. Comanche Songbird serves as Jordan’s riding mare and was ready for trail riding after only 15 rides.Jet has a striking head, nice short back, and a set of good legs under him. His hip ties into his gaskin very well and we think he will make a very striking mature horse. Put a saddle on his back, and you will also notice that his color doesn’t get hidden. People will know you are riding an Appaloosa for sure.He is priced at $4,000. We offer a reservation process with 25 percent down at the time of reservation and the remaining 75 percent due upon weaning. Please inquire to or call Jordan at 319 404 1118.


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*** Sold – $2000 ***
Congratulations Karen F. Piedmont, SD!

Faith produced two nice foals for us, both solid, and a loud leopard colt that she lost due to sepsis (a severe infection in the foal). She was sold as a riding mare to South Dakota where she will have a great home enjoying trail rides and spending many hours with her new owner.

Mister Shockin

Mighty Shockin x KRA Miss Faithful

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*** Sold – $1000 ***
Congratulations Jeff W, Lake Ozark, MO!

Diesel was foaled April 27, 2014. He was sired by Mighty Shockin, a bay leopard stallion with a great show record and 203.5 National Points, a Superior Open Most Colorful, Superior Non-Pro Most Colorful, Top Ten Non-Pro Most Colorful. Diesel is a full brother to Mighty Miss Faithful, our yearling chestnut filly who has done very well at many regional ApHC shows. In just a few shows, she has achieved her ROM in Open Yearling Fillies. We expect Diesel will do just as well in the show ring as he shares many of the same qualities as his full sister!If showing isn’t your thing, Diesel will make a stout riding gelding with an easy trot, nice lope, and great mind. Use him as a family project and trail horse in a few years. There is definitely more to this boy than a future in the show ring. Please contact us for more information.Diesel is weaned, halter broke, has been trimmed by the farrier, and trailers like a dream! We expect him to reach 15.2 hands at full maturity. He has been vaccinated and is ready to go at any time.

We regret to inform you that online records of sales prior to 2013 were lost with a database upgrade in early 2013. Please contact us for more sale history or references.

Diesel 10/05/2014

Diesel 4 Months

Diesel Two Months Old

Diesel One Week Old

Simple Elegance

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*** For Sale – $1000 *** Sold! Congratulations Dave in North Carolina!

August 2014

Buzzy is a 17 year old riding mare and brood mare. She has a 100 percent color production record, with may leopards produced as well. She is a good riding mare, and even better broodmare. Our program has changed and is incorporating taller more quarter horse breeding into the mix and Buzzy no longer fits our vision, despite all she has to offer.She is a great milker with excellent mothering abilities. She has no trouble foaling and will watch all the other mares foals as well.As a farm favorite we hate to see her go because of her loving personality and easy going disposition, but unfortunately we cannot keep them all. She stands well for farrier and vet work, but was very nervous when she came to our farm. We have had her nearly 3 years and have become very attached and protective of this great momma. She builds trust in a healthy human relationship and will love to get to know her new owners. Give us a call if you are interested in this mare as a rider or broodmare, we’d love to see if your are a good fit!

Spotted Elegance

Mighty Shockin x Simple Elegance

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*** For Sale – $3000 *** Sold! Congratulations Amy in South Dakota!

July 2014

Spotted Elegance
Bentley was foaled April 17, 2014 and is pictured at three days old. He was sired by Mighty Shockin, a bay leopard stallion with a great show record and 203.5 National Points, a Superior Open Most Colorful, Superior Non-Pro Most Colorful, Top Ten Non-Pro Most Colorful. Bentley’s pattern and looks nearly mirror his sires which should promise some fun in or out of the show ring. Bentley has proven to have an easy going disposition and is very social. A cute head, short back, and loads of color and conformation will make this guy a stand out! Bentley may be reserved until weaning for 25% down with remainder due at weaning.He may also be purchased with his dam, contact us for more information about a two in one package!
Bentley 3 Days Old

Sweet Sizzlin Serena

Nuggets Super Shado x Hartes Sizzler Jo

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2 Year old Filly

*** Sold June 2014 ***

serena run
Serena is a gem to be around. She is a sweetheart to work with and is well on her way to being ready for work under saddle. She has had plenty of ground work and has good manners. She has been started with saddle ground work and as she passes her April birthday she will start with a rider. She is for sale as we progress further into halter show horses, no fault of her own.Contact us for more information, we’d love to get this girl into a home who can appreciate her beauty, talent, and stunning color!serena ride
Serena April 2014


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2011 Model

SOLD – February 2014


Rocky in the Snow Dec 2014

Rocky is now in Michigan with a new owner who plans to train him in speed events.


Mr. Casino Royale x LK Secosal

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1998 Model

SOLD – September 2013

CONGRATULATIONS MARY, you will love your new riding mare!

Galaxy is a 1998 Model riding mare who has served as Jordan’s riding mare for nearly two years. She is a powerful mare with lots of get up and go, but is gentle enough for first time riders to get their start. Shortly after Galaxy was purchased, she carried Jordan’s Dad on a 3 hour trail ride through hills, creeks, ravines, and into marshy areas without batting an eye.We have tried unsuccessfully to have a foal from Galaxy and she has been unable to carry her pregnancies to full term. Each of the last two years she has been successfully bred and confirmed in foal with ultrasound but has aborted between 60 and 120 days. She is selling as a riding mare only and would require blood work to rule out progesterone deficiency, the most likely answer based on ease of breeding, regular cycles, and no infection symptoms. While a progesterone deficiency can be corrected at a relatively low cost, two years of no production has put this girl in our for sale line up.Galaxy will also make a great horse to pony your young horses in training, or a younger child’s horse along when needed.You won’t be disappointed in her riding performance, her sure footedness, and powerful feel underneath of you as ride trails for hour after hour, day after day.Galaxy stands well for the farrier and for vet work. She has never needed shoes and has a good solid hoof on her with no problems with lameness, abcess or other issues.

Mighty Shockin Diva

Mighty Shockin x Ms. Kelo’s Dream Quest

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May 2011

SOLD – August 2013

Diva is now at home with Amy in Beverdam, WI!



Justincredible Dream x Skip Goer Mis Frosty

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Foaled April 5, 2013

SOLD – $1,800 – August 2013

Skip is now at home with Stephanie in Webster City, Iowa!


Skip is a tall chesnut colt with some Rockin Spots in a pretty blanket! He does not have any markings except his blanket at this time. Knowing his sire and dam’s genetic color code, he is ee, aa, LP/lp with PATN1. He is a great combination of pretty, modern body and blood lines from his daddy’s side mixed with his older blood lines and correct conformation of his momma! To top it all off…this little guy is a half brother on the top side to our stallion Just A Rockin.

Skip is very social and has been worked with since day one of birth. He is halter broke and we are currently working on loading him into the trailer. Shortly he will be exposed to clippers and he has already stood quite well for our farrier. “You guys must work with them right from the beginning.” – Jamie Parson, Jamie’s Horse Shoeing

Disposition paired with correct conformation are the prides of our program, color comes in a strong third; however, we will never sacrifice conformation and disposition for color. Skip is a beautiful collaboration of all three!

We think this boy will make a great pleasure or trail prospect as your pretty riding horse maturing to an expected 15 plus hands. Momma is 15.0 and Daddy is 15.2. An average of the two, 15.1, would be our expectation.

Skip has been weaned and will be ready for his new home on August 1st. He has been body clipped, bathed, and pampered since he has been weaned. While we work with our foals from the very beginning, we intensify their human interaction during the month after they are weaned to secure the bond between horse and human and ease the transition from dependence on their mothers.

Skip Goer Mis Frosty

Super Smokes Charger x Go Molly Bar

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1999 Model

*** Sold March 2014 – Two in One Package ***

Congratulations Joyce in NC!

 Skip Goer Mis Frosty
Frosty is bred, and was ultrasounded in foal at 100 days for an April 2014 foal to Just A Rockin, our 2 year old stallion. The foal will be Ee aa, or ee aa (50% chance of black, 50% chance of chestnut, no chance of bay, 75% chance of appaloosa color!) Frosty is a very experienced mother and has had no difficulty having two foals for us and many in the past for her previous owners. She has done a great job for us however we have many younger mares coming up which we must make room for. Frosty is broke to ride, but would need an experience rider as she has primarily served as a brood mare. Each time we have bred her back, she has been bred back on one cycle. Her normal cycle last about 5 – 7 days and she is a super easy breeder. We specifically picked Frosty as our introductory mare to our 2 year old stallion Just a Rockin, because she is very patient and show’s obvious heats. (The boy was a bit crazy and she tolerated every minute of it) She is a breeders dream mare for ease of breeding and excellent mothering. She is also a great color producer 3 for 3 on her last breedings. Two of her last three foals have tested LP/LP.