2015 Foaling Barn

UPDATE 2/13/15

Ms. Dream Designer foaled a bay near leopard colt sired by Sinatrafied, AQHA at 0630 2/9/15. The foal was up and nursing in just over an hour and should be every bit of 16 hands. His cannon bones are as big as his momma’s if not bigger! He’s a slightly darker version of his dam. We couldn’t be happier with how he came out.


Frankly A Dream
2 weeks old [print_gllr id=789]
5 months [print_gllr id=846]

Update 3/1/15

Comanche Songbird foaled a black colt with frosted hips and a little scattered chrome by Sinatrafied, AQHA at 0225. This was Comanche Songbird’s first foal and was a little stressful for us. Baby came in good position, momma just wasn’t quite sure what to do once he started coming out. This year we installed a foaling camera system and were able to watch her labor through the night until she presented the fluid bag. Comanche Songbird’s breeder, Lisa Estridge, was also able to watch the camera from the internet based system we installed. The value of being able to watch our mares without being intrusive and interrupting the labor process because its feeding time, or we startle them like a predator in nature would, has been immeasurable. We are very happy with “Jet” as we are going to call him, and he is for sale!

Jersey and Jet

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