2014 Foaling Barn



Well we are a little late getting this posted…however, if you’ve followed us on Facebook you already know that Faith foaled a solid bay colt on 4/27. The colt is a carbon copy of his full sister Penny, except we suspect that he has two copies of the black gene! He is very dark with a single star on his forehead just like big sis.

The foaling process could have gone a little smoother, 4/26 Faith showed no signs of active labor in the morning and up until her last afternoon check at 2pm. At 530 that evening she had tons of wax, but did not appear in distress, or any worse than her previous 3 weeks of false laboring. Jordan called in a little late for work and Jeremy came home early to find her without any activity. At 530 am it was time for Jeremy to go back to work with no signs of labor, and Jordan was off work at 7 am so all would seem safe. By the time Jordan got home at almost 8 am, a foot had presented and faith appeared tired. With not a moment to spare, and no time to change out of his flight suit from working, Jordan broke the water, grabed the first foot, found the second foot, and started to assist. Faith knew what to do right away, she rolled onto her side from an upright laying position and started pushing. After finding the second foot, and applying some traction, the solid bay boy was born.

He must have been ready to come out because he practically jumped up on his feet and then laid back down. After a couple of attempts to stand, he was up on his feet in 15 minutes and nursing in 30 minutes from birth!

After Faith checked him out, helped him dry off, and let him nurse, Jordan tucked him into his foal blanket and tucked himself into bed for the rest of the day!




Hooray! Buzzy foaled a very cute bay leopard colt on 4/17! She had no difficulty foaling and gave us plenty of notice that she was close to foaling! This colt is going to be a good one. Loads of color and conformation with one cute head and nice short back! We expect he’ll mature somewhere around 15.1 or so. Check out his video on the For Sale page! Bentley is reserved for Amy in South Dakota!



Happy April Fools Day! Simple Elegance sure has us on our toes. She has made some significant changes over the last few days. Her bag is full, complete with a drop of milk on each teat. Muscles are relaxing, and she is getting ready for baby to deliver. She has been biting her sides for two days and has been shifting from one foot to the other constantly. The girl is uncomfortable…and huge in foal! Her due date is April 29, but we expect her as early as the end of the week.

KRA Miss Faithful is progressing nicely with even bag development and some muscle relaxation.

Skip Goer Mis Frosty has made her way safely to North Carolina to her new owner Joyce, who has promised to keep us updated on when she foals and send photos!



What an odd year! We are following other’s foalings progress on Facebook, from friends and fellow breeders, and other online sources and are finding a vast array of mares foaling outside their historical trends of showing signs progressing, or not progressing towards foaling and are delivering quite late.

Simple Elegance – Buzzy has been developing her bag and is approximately 75 percent full and is starting to relax her muscles and drop baby lower into her belly. Her expected due date of April 29 based on her last heat: however, she could foal as  early as April 8. Oddly enough, Buzzy’s bag is normal for her….full all the time and an excellent milker. Depending on her mood, she will have a tiny bit of milk even at 3 months gestation. Her tell tale sign a baby on the way…milk litterally spraying, not dripping, from her bag.

KRA Miss Faithful – Faith also appears to be preparing for an early delivery. Her bag is approximately 25 percent full and has doubled in size over the last two days. If she keeps it growing at that rate, its going to be huge by the end of this week. She is starting to let her muscles relax in her rump, but baby has not shifted and is still quite far forward. She could deliver as early as April 11 based on breeding dates and heats. She looks about 30 days out based on historical trends….but as we discussed earlier; those don’t seem to matter for most this year!

Skip Goer Mis Frosty – Shows no changes yet and is due April 21. We think she might just a bit late. She will be traveling to North Carolina shortly and should foal there unless she decides to pick up the pace too quickly for shipment.

It’s going to be an intersting next few weeks! Stay tuned!  – Jordan and Jeremy