2013 Foaling Barn


KRA MISS FAITHFUL – 2013 Foaling


Faith is nearing her due date of March, 12! Her bag is 100 percent filled and she has been putting us through all of the foal watching that we can stand over the last few weeks. She is a maiden mare and we are watching her very closely to avoid any problems with her delivery.

The weather has been unpredictable over the last few weeks as well and is really throwing her for a loop. We have been forced to keep everyone in the barn the last few days due to heavy rains and icy conditions. While we are certainly excited to see what Faith has produces, we hope that she can hold out more dry weather!

Early Morning, March 10:

Faith has been cooped up, and she is letting us know it. She is an active mare and wants to get out of her stall and stretch her legs with a good run…well as good as a pregnant momma can run, but its just too icy to risk injury to her or her soon to be delivered baby. She will have to stay inside until baby is born, or the weather clears up. Tonight her bag remains full and coated with flakey white wax, her muscles are loose, baby is shifting into the birth canal, but she looks like she is going to hold off yet another night.

March 12…late night version (The DUE DATE!):

Faith showed no signs of delivery when she was brought in the barn from turn out. Again at 10 PM we observed no signs of delivery or labor. Now at 1140 PM, the previously golden milk has turned to white, a golden drop of wax has appeared, and her body is preparing itself for delivery. She is restless and pawing, but isn’t afraid to stop and munch some hay. We will be up checking on her all night until we have a baby on the ground! We expect a baby in 24 to 48 hours, but hopefully by the early morning hours! Stay tuned!

March 14 0101 AM:

Baby has arrived! At 0101 am this morning a copper colored, chestnut filly was born. Faith was restless through the early hours of the night and finally lay down a few minutes before foaling. Jeremy had been sneaking around in the stable and was able to sit in the corner of the foaling stall through the whole delivery! Being a first time mare, we were keeping very very close eyes on her, and its a good thing too! Jeremy got to assist in delivering his first foal. Faith pushed as Jeremy gently held out and downward traction on babies front two legs and out came the legs, cute little nose, and the rest of the head. After the shoulders, baby came out in a hurry!

It wasn’t but only a few minutes and Penny, as we have decided to call her, was up and on her feet looking for her first breakfast from Mom. Jeremy had collected a small milk reserve as Faith was leaking a steady stream of milk for a few hours before delivery and saved it for the opportune time to seal the gut and stimulate baby to latch onto Mom. After a quick appetizer that Jeremy had collected it was on to the full course meal followed by some time to test out her long long legs bounding around in the stall and playing with Jeremy before her foal blanket was put on and she lay down to rest.


For Sale – $3,500

friends nibblesandtickles
IMG_7767 IMG_7890
IMG_7778 IMG_7802

Penny is a tall filly who promises to color with time! She has very faint mottled skin scattered around her nose and starting to develop around her eyes. She has sclera as pictured above, and should develop roaning or speckling through her coat with time. Mottling can continue to develop until about 5 years old and she can continue to roan or speckle for about 7 years.

Penny is very correct in her conformation and will make an excellent modern halter or pleasure prospect. She has plenty of body to become halter, with lots of leg and movement to make her a pleasure mare. Penny has a pretty head, soft eyes, and curious personality. She was imprinted at birth and is a social butterfly. She enjoys her human interaction more than her interaction with the rest of the herd.

As a baby, the first thing we look for is which end of the body is presented first, head or tail. Those that present with their rump seem to take a little longer to warm up to humans as you might imagine. However, Penny wasted no time presenting her cute little head first before presenting her full body for scratching, brushing, rubbing, and all sorts of lovin’. She has a very sweet personality, and seems to share and develop from her momma’s easy going personality. We think that she will make a beautiful show filly, or an eye catching riding mare for her new owners!

We expect penny to mature between 15.0 and 15.1 hands tall.




Frosty is slowly approaching due date of April, 3! Her bag is approximately 80 percent filled and she has begun to relax her muscles. She is an experienced mare and has never had any problems foaling, but we wont let this year be the first. She foaled approximately 2 weeks early last year, and we look for her to do the same this year.

Baby is expected sometime shortly after March 20th if Frosty holds true to her early foalings.

March 21

Frosty’s bag is 100 percent full and her belly is a very large “V” shape. Baby has moved into position for delivery and mom is getting uncomfortable. She is progressing very nicely and we would expect a baby on the ground well before the end of next week. Let’s hope for a big spotted black filly with lots of chrome!

After this post, Frosty began to have a very convincing “labor” slowly started kicking her belly, pawing, yawning, and then even circled and layed down several times and pushed….all just in a show. We call this getting baby into position….and its very frustrating and very convincing….so convincing we had our cots layed out in the barn with a space heater and warm blankets, but when the show stopped we packed up and went inside on a 17 degree night.

March 24

Frosty’s bag remains full but shrinks down when she comes in from turn out. There have been now shows of labor since our last post and she remains relatively unchanged. At this point Frosty is 10 days from her due date and she could come any time early or go a few days late as Faith did.

April 5

Frosty had some wax very late in the morning, and by 3pm she foaled a tall chestnut colt with some Rockin Spots in a pretty blanket. She fooled us and had him while she was turned out for the day, but we quickly scooped him up and put her back in her stall and helped her dry baby off. Thankfully it was in the upper 40′s or low 50′s today!

Skip – Name Pending (Justincredible Dream x Skip Goer Mis Frosty)
Please excuse the extra bright red spot…we didnt quite get him all cleaned off before snapping a photo!


April 15

We appologize to those of you following along. Skip cause a bit of a tummy bug the first few days of his life, and decided he was none too hungry. Jordan noticed that Frosty’s bag was full on Day two, after we made sure Skip was up and nursing and got plenty of colustrum to seal the gut and start his immunity. Skip wasn’t really interested in skipping around the stall either, so off to the store Jordan went. Probiotics with vitamins and good bacteria helped get him through Sunday night, and then a trip to the vet’s office first thing Monday morning for antibiotics. Follow that by an over night rushed order of an amazing product that our dear friend Lisa Estridge recommended for tummy bugs: Bio Sponge. Click the link and order some if you’ve not ever before. A 60 cc syringe is 10 bucks, but it will be the best 10 bucks you will ever spend on helping a baby clear up those tummy bugs. Day 3 to 3.5 brought a perky foal who was skipping around the stall and sucked momma’s bag down to a healthy size.

When the rainy weather clears and the soil dries from its current state of complete saturation (We’re not complaining after last year’s drought), we will make it a priority to get some photos of this guy so you can all race to get him reserved as your own!

Skip is Sold!